A&R Landscaping & Lighting FAQ's

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your specific question feel free to contact us.

Will you answer the phone when I call?

We are usually out having fun in someone’s garden. Leave your name and number, and within 24 hours we will call you back or fill out our online form here.

Is any job too small or too big?

We have not had to walk away from any project because of its scale or complexity. But on the flip side, smaller projects need to be at least a days worth of work for one crew (approx. $2,000-$3,000).

Do you do commercial work?

We have done and continue to sign on commercial projects. However residential renovation is our main work.

Do you have insurance?

Insurance? Our people are very careful, even when three of them dig a hole, all at once; the same hole. But, just in case we carry full workers comp and liability insurance. Copies available upon request.

How long have you been in the landscaping business?

Not long enough to be lazy, bored, or arrogant about the landscaping business and our potential clients. It’s been over thirty years and we’re still having fun. As you will find out on our very first meeting and all the way through your landscaping project experience.

How long will it take to get an appointment?

A typical appointment would take about two weeks to meet with you and discuss the possibilities your landscape may present. It also depends upon our major advertising campaigns, such as the Home and Garden Show. Following this event it may take a little more time to meet with all of our potential clients. But when we do, we’re like a fine wine with friends…

What time and where are the appointments?

The appointments are based upon our mutual schedules. Monday – Thursday 11am to 5 pm and Friday 11am to 3pm.

Do I actually meet The Landscape Renovator?

Andrew Robinson, The Landscape Renovator, meets most of the potential clients to discuss their landscape requirements. One problem though is that most people think he’s pretty cute, but don’t let that distract you from his wealth of knowledge that he will gladly share with you while discussing your landscape renovation.

What type of renovation work are you capable of doing?

What type of renovation work can you possibly think of…we will work with you to determine what is possible with your landscape…that’s our capability. Pretty cool huh…

How long will it take to have my landscape design completed?

At our first appointment we will schedule the second appointment to discuss the initial or, if agreed upon, the final design. The second appointment will usually occur within two weeks.

How much will my landscape renovation cost?

It will depend on what you want done and by taking into consideration what Your budget is for the job that determines the actual landscape design and installation. Certain types of landscaping jobs can also be designed to be installed in phases to fit Your budget. But cost is only one piece of the whole project process to determine what is right for you and your landscape. These elements will be determined and reiterated in a signed contract which establishes all of the project particulars. So, the process begins with you requesting an appointment through an e-mail or phone call to The Landscape Renovator. The information can be found on the Contact Us page.

How do you like to be paid for the job?

Although cash is always a strange way of payment we will not turn it down, we also accept checks. For those of you who really want to pull out all of the stops we also have a mortgage banking company that we have dealt with on various projects.

After the design, how long will it take for the installation?

Typically the installation would begin about two to four weeks from the second appointment, or from the point the final design is established. It will also depend upon our major advertising campaigns, such as the Home and Garden Show. Following these events it may take a little more time to schedule all of the installations with our new clients. This time frame will be explained, and established prior to signing a contract. But when the time comes for your landscape, we’re going to have a good time…

Who will do the installation?

So, now you want what we designed installed? That’s nice . . . and so are the installation crews we employ as per our policy. Our group leaders and their guys are a hard working bunch of landscaping installing type fun people . . . and they wouldn’t be working for us if it wasn’t this way. We also have contract vendors who are also regarded as some of the best in their specific industries in the area and arguably in some cases the state and nation for particular installations.

Where do you get your plants?

We utilize several top nurseries in the state of Florida. It all depends on what we have determined to be the best overall landscaping design for your particular landscape in the way of plants and who has them in the character required for the project. We only use Florida Fancy #1, as opposed to their popular close relative Florida Ugly #33, plants which are grown by licensed nurseries under the Florida Department of Agriculture guidelines before they are sold.

Will the installation crew show up on time?

We pride ourselves on punctuation. Here are a few types that we like; !, ?, & ;-)… Seriously though, a couple of major issues that plague other landscapers in Florida and make our company that much more successful, as informed by our clients, were our return phone call and showing up when expected. But there will be those rare occasions when stuff happens, and if it does, there are these wonderful new devices called cell phones; a reputation is hard enough to earn, but it’s an easy thing to loose.

Does the installation crew work when it rains or on weekends?

Would you like to work in the rain or on a weekend? But, there are also varying definitions of rain from spitting to hurricane type stuff and although our crews will not melt in the spit, they also don’t like taking a shower while leveling your stone patio. We, like everyone else, also need down time to recharge our batteries and to actually enjoy time with our families on the weekends.

Do I need to be there for the installation?

Attendance is optional unless the client wishes to be around and take pictures of their landscape process or share some cookies with the crew, we have no objection other than to request a preference of chocolate chip. Other than that, it may be required to access the garage if an irrigation controller is to be installed.

Will the installation be done on time?

We have been in the landscaping business for over 25 years and can usually gauge the duration of a project. But, there are times that unforeseen site considerations, like Mother Nature or unearthing the ancient ruins of some lost Spanish civilization, that might instill a slight delay in a project’s completion. We like to keep our clients informed as to the progress of their installation, especially if we run into any unforeseen issues.

What is the guarantee after the installation is completed?

Guarantee? So, we design it, install it and now you want us to guarantee it? OK. It’s a good thing you had The Landscape Renovator do all of this work for you because the minimum duration of his guarantee is 6 months.

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